Introducing Latin Grammar


Latin is a language like any other, but it’s no longer a spoken language like, say, French or Bengali. That means we’ll be approaching it a little differently. Our focus here is on learning Latin’s grammar, the rules and patterns that tell you how the language works, in order to allow you to read Latin texts.

At this early stage, it’s best not to think of grammar as a chore you have to get through. Grammar is a system of short-cuts. If you know how a verb works, you won’t have to learn porto, portabis, portavimus and the rest as a a collection of individual words. You just learn the verb portare, and knowing the grammar will tell you the rest.

Some grammar will help you to get the most out of tabella, but don’t be under the impression you need to master every detail. Check in here as seldom or as often as you wish. The more you’ve read in the lesson sections, the easier the grammar will start to feel.