Lesson 8.3 Cato


Here’s the whole passage again, so you can look through it at your leisure. Download the vocabulary if you like. When you have slaked your thirst for farm lore, we’ll look at some basic grammar.

Praedium quom parare cogitabis, sic in animo habeto, uti ne cupide emas neve opera tua parcas visere et ne satis habeas semel circumire. Quotiens ibis, totiens magis placebit quod bonum erit. Vicini quo pacto niteant, id animum advertito: in bona regione bene nitere oportebit… Uti bonum caelum habeat, ne calamitosum siet, solo bono, sua virtute valeat.

When you are thinking of buying a farm, keep this in mind: that you don’t buy it greedily, or shirk the labour of visiting it, and don’t consider it enough to go around it once. The more often you go, the more what is good will please you. Take a look at how the neighbours are doing. In a good region they should be thriving. It should have a good climate, not stormy, and should be strong from it’s own nature, with good soil.