Anna soror, quae me suspensam insomnia terrent!
quis novus hic nostris successit sedibus hospes,
quem sese ore ferens, quam forti pectore et armis!
credo equidem, nec vana fides, genus esse deorum.
degeneres animos timor arguit. heu, quibus ille
iactatus fatis! quae bella exhausta canebat!

Queen Dido of Carthage is addressing her sister Anna. She is tortured by love for Aeneas, a wandering exile whom Fate has thrown onto the shores of her new kingdom.

Have a quick look and see if you recognise any words. There are some core words from the Latin lexicon here, including some key words from military campaigns.

That may give you some idea of how well the affair is going.

Let’s look at the vocabulary.